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The Green Johanna Hot Composter

Green Johanna is a unique closed, hot composting container that allows you to do ALL food waste composting including dairy, meat and bread.

Developed and manufactured in Sweden, the Green Johanna is easy to use. It's adjustable, ventilated, insulation system provides ideal composting conditions all year round (when correctly installed), because you can more easily control the temperature of the compost in addition to the mix of composted ingredients. This helps create ideal conditions for the micro-organisms to work, turning all the waste into quality feed for your garden.

You may also need the optional winter jacket if you want to compost all year round, depending where you live. (The jacket is only used if the average outdoor temperature consistently falls below 5 degreec C, and must not be used if the average temperature is above 10 degrees C). The special shape of the Green Johanna also helps to keep the compost at uniformly warm temperatures to maximise the compost process.

It is easy to empty, as you can draw the fully broken-down, nutrient-rich compost from the bottom of the composter without disturbing the process continuing above it. Thanks to the lockable lid, the base, and the sensibly small ventilation holes, the composter is rodent proof but beneficial worms can still get in to the mixture.

What can it take?
All food waste including bones, bread, dairy, eggshell, fish, fruit, meat, soup, vegetables, coffe filters, teabags, household papers (best torn up) egg cartons, wilted flowers, dead pot plants, and so on.

Your Johanna is best sited in a shady spot. The contents should not be allowed to get too hot since this can kill off the beneficial microbes breaking down the waste material.

The full kit Includes:
1 x Mixing stick
4 x Outer rings
1 x Lid
1 x Base
2 x Doors
1 x Bag of fixing screws
1 x Instruction manual

Johanna parts
93cm across the base and an overall height of 95cm
The lid is 52cm wide. The empty unit weighs 10 kilos

£116.50 Including VAT and delivery
Green Cone in the garden

Green Johanna Hot Composter with Winter Jacket

As above but the Green Johanna Winter comes with it's own winter jacket to keep temperatures more consistant over the colder, winter months.

£135.00 Including VAT and delivery
Green Cone in the garden

Winter Jacket for Green Johanna

A winter jacket for the Green Johanna hot composter.
(Composter and tools not included)

£45.00 Including VAT and delivery
Green Johanna manual

Green Johanna - How It Works
PLEASE NOTE: To cut down on paper we DO NOT automatically include a paper based instruction sheet with your order.
You can download it from here (see PDF opposite). If you would rather recieve a printed version with your order, please use the comments box on the Paypal payment page to ask for one to be included.

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